Washington might finally change its appalling racist wrongful death law

Because HaRam Kim was a single adult with no children, just starting her life in college, and because her parents did not live in the United States, the loss of her as a person is worth nothing under current Washington law. In contrast, the sons of Claudia Derschmidt, killed on the same bus and in the same crash, could make a claim for the loss of their mother.

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Excluding Defense Experts Wickizer and Partin, By Andrew Ackley and Garth Jones

By Andrew Ackley and Garth L. Jones

Published in the July/August edition of WSAJ Trial News.

For years, plaintiffs’ attorneys have routinely asked their opponents to admit the reasonableness of the amounts billed for an injured party’s medical and household expenses. And for years, the defense bar has routinely admitted such bills, unless there was a specific problem with a bill that warranted a denial or an objection.

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This Should Never Happen: Diver Air Supply “Severed” in Scuba Death

Several news organizations are reporting that the death of Hank Williams Hoskins Sr. resulted from a “severed” air hose when he was diving off the San Juan Islands on October 26.   Mr. Hoskins, 40, was apparently a commercial diver diving without a backup air supply (in many circumstances this is totally normal).  The county medical examiner blamed the death on an “unsafe dive operation,” with disregard for emergency procedures, according to the Bellingham Herald.

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Andrew Ackleylitigation
Pocket amp to keep the peace

Do you know how often sleeping kids love hearing electric guitar?  Pretty much never.  I used to have a headphone amp device that made for so-so sound and looked like a walkman on steroids and probably cost $150.  Who knew you could get nearly full amp sound with effects in the size of a pack of gum and for the cost of cheap toaster?  Now nobody has to hear how rusty I am.

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Crown molding… my nemesis

I have a years-long habit of buying the tools I need only after I discover I need them the hard way.  This means that my first try at almost anything is a disaster.  When the guys at Home Depot start chuckling when you come back in for the fourth time in a weekend, it’s time to buy better tools.

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