Current Cases

  • I was second chair through three years of litigation and four months of trial, with lead counsel Karen Koehler, representing 49 victims of the September 24, 2015 Ride the Ducks Crash on the Aurora Bridge. Forty of those plaintiffs went to a verdict in February 2019. The jury held the manufacturer and operator of the Ducks responsible, and awarded an unprecedented $123,000,000 in damages. Thirteen individual awards substantially exceeded $1,000,000.

  • I represent the family of a man who was run over and killed by a pickup truck while on vacation.

  • I represent the family of a worker killed while working on a boat in the Duwamish.

Recent cases

  • In Florez-Perez v. Scuba Schools, I represented the family of a brilliant young woman who recently graduated from Columbia University and moved home to Seattle to live with her family. Just months after starting her new life, she drowned during a beginner Scuba class after her instructor lost track of the class. The case settled early in litigation for $1,000,000 policy limits.

  • In Truck Pedestrian v. Truck Driver, a truck driver making a delivery at a yard was walking back to his truck when he was struck by another truck. Investigation revealed that the property was carelessly redesigned to direct trucks around a blind corner into pedestrian travel. The case resulted in a multimillion settlement.

  • In Wrongful Death v. Condo Resident and Condo Association, I represented the surviving family members of two who perished in a fire. The Association had failed to install mandatory smoke detectors. The case resulted in a multimillion settlement early in litigation.

  • In Voigt v. Nguyen: I represented a woman whose attorney abandoned her case and allowed it to be dismissed. He ultimately fled the country and was disbarred. My client obtained $500,000+ judgment for legal malpractice.

  • In Stewart v. Nnanabu, I represented a man who was shot nine times at his apartment complex. He survived but lost the use of his legs. The case settled for $1,500,000 based on policy limits, early in litigation.

  • In Guardianship Estate v. Predatory Businesses, I represented a mentally disabled man who lost his entire life income to predatory business loan companies. The claim resulted in a $750,000 Consumer Protection Act and fraud recovery early in litigation.

  • In Car Accident v. UIM Insurance Company, I represented a man whose insurance company offered a maximum of $9,000 on the underinsured motorist policy he paid for. Just weeks after writing a notice of bad faith, the insurance company paid its $250,000 policy limits.


Andrew Ackley, Seattle personal injury attorney at Stritmatter Kessler Koehler Whelan Law Firm

I handle complex serious injury and wrongful death cases involving negligence, defective and dangerous products, dangerous premises, and consumer protection.

Families who hire me typically want answers above all else. Why did this happen to me? Why did my loved one die? When tragedy involves someone else’s carelessness or misconduct, there are no “good” answers. But I take pride in investigating and uncovering the truth, to provide closure and justice.

I am honored to have been selected to the Super Lawyers Rising Stars list, a distinction reserved for no more than 2.5% of lawyers in Washington, six years in a row (2013-2018).

Three things cannot be hidden long: the sun, the moon, and the truth.
— Buddha

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