Ride the Ducks Defendants Appeal Our Verdict After Celebrating "Closure" for Victims


After our four-month trial in which our clients traveled from all over the world to tell their stories, and their $123 million verdict, Ride the Ducks Seattle released this statement about doing right by the victims:

“Since the tragic accident on September 24, 2015, Ride the Ducks of Seattle owners, management and team members have always wanted to do right by everyone affected by the accident, but have been limited by constraints in the legal process. Today, they jury’s verdict puts us one step closer to that goal. There isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t think of those lives that were forever changed that day. “

Its representative also released this statement about closure for the victims:

“I know first-hand that the lives forever changed that tragic day have been and will continue to be in the thoughts of everyone at Ride the Ducks of Seattle,” she wrote. “On their behalf, I extend sincere acknowledgement to plaintiffs for their pain, sorrow and loss and the fact nothing can truly erase what they have suffered. With the utmost respect, I extend appreciation to the jury for their time, attention and service.  We are pleased with the jury’s verdict and are grateful for the opportunity for closure it brings.”

Today, Ride the Ducks Seattle and Ride the Ducks International appealed the jury verdict.

This is not the first time Ride the Ducks Seattle has pulled a PR stunt at the expense of our clients’ “closure.” On the first anniversary of the crash, Brian Tracey went on a media blitz proclaiming his desire for “global mediation” that was totally impossible at the time. So our clients not only had to deal with the emotional first anniversary of the crash, but the owner of one of the companies responsible giving false hopes about closure and money to pay medical bills.

It would be nice if they stopped re-victimizing our clients for their PR.